About Me



Head in the clouds, feet on the ground,
with a heart open for change, I live my dreams.
For many years I have trodden in the same paths
as healers, cosmic shamane, and wise women,
without knowing where they will lead me,
living for the moment.
Over the years many things have touched me and
sharpened my consciousness: experiences shared
with my partners and our children; the things I
have learnt from inspirational teachers, from
my own work with children, and my different studies
in the fields of social pedagogics, functional
relacation therapy, psychology, shamanism, healing
dance, trance therapy and ritual drumming.
I offer you all this-my knowledge and experience-
on your own personal road to self-discovery, through
dance, music or just by enjoying being involved in
both. There is so much to discover in life, and
beyond. At the moment, I devide my time between my
small, sunny paradise above the rooftops of Altdorf,
nearby Nuernberg and my  Hathor-Chalet in Egypt.
The programme list shows how I fill my days,
and the contact details are: HOME

Life is a present we give-to ourselves,
I thank you, and I thank myself