Individual Retreats:




remaining silent and talking

together-one and with each other


Ease and humour

Dance – tinge – drum

Ways through spiral and labyrinth

Inspirations in in the garden of nature und arts build from sand, stone, clay and water

Palm choir in the winds

Memorable fragrance of the dessert and oasis

Relaxing well-being in the hot spring bath

Starry nights to touch


You will encounter this and even more at the


At the HATOR-CHALET and the HOUSE-of-the-SUN with dessert palm gardens int the oasis Daklaha


With this

individual customisable offer

I would like to offer a framework to enable interested women and men to have an inspiring, relaxed time in an oasis on the edge of the dessert. The daily schedule will develop depending on the needs and interests of the visitors. There will be enough space for joint activities as well as individual design options.



 Possible activities are for example:

Accompaniment when exploring the dessert area, which you can then familiarize yourself with.

Information about life in the oasis, (with a trip to the old clay town ant its traditional pottery workshop, which is more than 1000 years old, weaving project for young women, agricultural New-valley-project).

Contacts with oasis dwellers and sedentary Bedouins.

Bathe in our 38-degree hot spring by the light of the stars and let your body and soul dangle under palm trees in the hammock.

If requested I can organize day trips with camels into the sand dessert

Circle dances, (sacred dances) meditative and energetic, with the power of the ancestor dances

Immerse yourself in the symbolism of Hathor, Maat and other Egyptian goddesses.

Silent meditation in the so-called “dome” of the chalet.

Shamanic drumming at sunset.

Mantric healing chants and trance work.

Encounters with the spiral and the labyrinth in many different ways.


All these activities can be an impetus for the personal growth process. However, it is important for the chosen time in the oasis and the dessert that there is enough space for your own inner perception so that you can lovingly “come to yourself” again.


On request and if necessary, I am willing to give individual sessions. (Please discuss the financial compensation with me beforehand)


Bir El Gabal offers is a unique opportunity to explore the dessert up close without a guide. It is one of the most varied dessert areas in Egypt that I know, with the most diverse manifestations of sand, clay and stone;

Charming and impressive, a great miracle:


I would be happy to advise you on booking a flight to Luxor, possibly booking a hotel there and the respective transfers to the hotel or to the oasis. On request we can send a reliable English-speaking taxi driver to Luxor for a pick-up and a relaxing drive to the old, traditional palm oasis of Dakhla.




The retreats can be booked for at least 4 nights

Prices per day/pers. with those possible daily offers/accompaniments:

Small room in the Hathor-Charlet (shared bedroom/toilet): 65, - € (7 nights 390, - €)

Large room in the Hathor Chalet (shared bathroom/toilet): 70, - € (7 nights 420, - €)

In the sun house: (small house with bathroom and kitchenette): 85, - € (7 nights 510, - €)


In addition, there are the costs for plentiful and good local food in the neighbouring Bir-El-Gabal- guest house of Hatem Shaffik.

HP: 100, - EP (Egyptian pounds) VP: 200, - EP


The following room prices apply to your unaccompanied personal retreat:

in a chalet: single room: 25 to 35 EUR/day

in the sun house/Bed El Shams: single room: 35, - € / double room: 50, - € (prices per day)


If you would like to be accompanied by me for certain activities from time to time, e.g., for excursions, drumming and dancing, rituals etc., I charge 10 euros per hour, 50 euros for individual sessions
(all prices 2021)


Not included are: flight, visa, insurance, transfers (if necessary, hotel and meals in Luxor) Entrance fees, excursions, camel tours, Bedouin music group, drinks, baksheesh)


Management and support in Dakhla: friedEL braun

Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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