Spiral – Labyrinth – Fire Circle – The Gate

 Recently, north and east of the Hathor-Chalet, particular sites
of energy have arisen that bring the seeker introspection.




The Spiral

is an ancient symbol, found everywhere in nature - in plants, in the flow of water
and wind, in the flight of birds, in human DNA.....
You can use this symbol to
energise yourself,  walking through
slowly and with  focused awareness. It is an
invitation to step in.
Step by careful step, you can be invigorated by Earth' s energy.
And maybe you will become more centered and balanced in your mind and body



walk bare-foot
walk in silence
walk one by one
follow the path
to the center
you may want to rest
there for a moment
turn back and walk on
don´t cross the line
follow your intuition


Have a good time!



 The Labyrinth
as a Symbol of Life

The long road of life teaches us to explore many different points of view,
or paths, and at times we find ourselves going in a direction we do not
recognize or know where it will lead us. The Labyrinth in a similar way,
takes us along different paths as we travel through it´s mystery in search
of truth. Just as in life our hopes and dreams guide us on our way, so too
are we lead in the Labyrinth.  Perserverence and trust are important for
our forward progress in both realms. As we move forward we are unconciously
 confronted with all the fear and pain that are hidden deep within us, until
 at last, we have penetrated our authentic self. Healing and peace come
through the acceptance of our deepest depths and darkest times. A greater
wisdom is wrought through this journey similarly in the Labyrinth as in life.
 We travel so far on an unknown path, delving into the darkness of uncertainty
of the unknown and then find ourselves once again returned to the light of day.
The journey through the Labyrinth, like that through life, helps to restore a sense
of tranquility, freedom and a fuller life. We take away greater understanding,
respect, humor and a happy heart to face the adventure and craziness of life..



The fire Circle

 The dancing of the flames - Transformation - Enthusiasm - Attention-
-Fascination - Crackling - Trance - Extasy - Desire - Heat - Release -
-drumming - silence

The Gate
Step by step upwards - Looking through - Passing over the threshold-
New rooms open