*The Egyptian Goddess **Hathor*, known as “The Golden One”, is the mistress of dance and ectasy, of libraries and knowledge, and of eternal luck (as is said in inscriptions from the pyramids).

Well situated between oasis and desert, civilization and nature, you will find the *HATHOR CHALET*, close to an ancient Roman well and a ceremonial site dating from ancient Egypt.
Here people have met dancing, singing, and drumming throughout the ages.

Experience this Centre for Meditation and Dance as a place of silence, to explore the outer and inner unknown.



It invites you to rest and relax, to dance and drum, to sing, paint and write....... or just to BE.
The meditative flair of the round *adobe building*with a *flowform fountain*in its courtyard and the blossoming*palm gardens*around make your body and soul sing.*I**nspiring Rooms*for group activities (14/16 pers.), two bedrooms for the instructor(s), kitchen, bath, meditation dome, courtyard, roof terrace, meeting place in the high palms' shadows.Group members' board and lodging will be provided for by the adjacent Beir El-Gabal Resort.You can *rent the Chalet*for your group seminars, or just for yourself if you want to spend some time on retreat or to restin a very harmonious atmosphere.

There are 9 rooms in Hathor-Chalet

2 rooms for groups ( 30 and 26 sqm)
2 sleeping rooms with big beds
2 privat rooms
1 round meditation dom (12 sqm),
kitchen, bathroom with shower and WC
round courtyard  10 m  diameter
esplanade with oriental flora,
palms around sites for activities
and recovery
a big labyrinth, a stonespiral
and 3 energy-pyramides
Hot-Spring (38° celsius)



Interesting activities
Excursions into the very diversescenery of the surrounding desert –
even as a solitary woman.
The Dakhla rift provides reliable orientation.
El Quasr with its famous historical centre
Temples and Excavations from ancient Egypt
Camel Tours with Bedouin guides into the sand dunes
  Hot Springs  to bathe in under the moon and stars and to releasethe soul.